Workshops are designed to focus hands-on instruction for creating a particular project, or learning a specific technique in depth. 

This monthly event offers a relaxed and nurturing environment for the busy, holy ladies of Nachlaot to recharge their
batteries and nourish their senses with an effortless evening of delights for the heart, mind and soul.


It begins with a shot of learning and sharing about the energy of month ahead, followed by a fabulous project in clay to express the message of the month in your own unique way.
Come connect with the
sistas, breathe, move to the music, put your hands in the clay, make something beautiful,
make a l'chaim!


Monthly, Tuesday evenings 

preceding Rosh Chodesh

7:00 to 10 pm

250 nis includes all materials and refreshments.

Wine, Women,
Song & Ceramics
For updates send us an email with
"WWS&C" in the subject line.

Learn to layer colored slips and carve with a variety of tools to create stunning surface decoration. 

One 3-hour session  180 nis

including texturizing clay with things like lace, burlap, botanicals, or just about anything you can think of, carving in clay (scraffito), using colored slips, and more.

Once ready, students will use their decorated clay to make a piece of tableware, such as a bowl, platter, or plate

Technique in Surface Decoration
For updates send us an email with
"Workshops" in the subject line.

This is functional art at its best. Enjoy creating and using your own unique piece of useable art as you celebrate Jewish life. Your menorah, seder plate, kiddush cup or set of candlesticks is not only useful, it is a treasured piece of original art with which you can enhance your home all year long.  

Three 2-hour sessions  350 nis 

Date and time TBD. 

For updates send us an email with
"Workshops" in the subject line.

Create porcelain necklaces, rings, earings or pins. Decorate with glaze, engobes, beadsd and crystals. 

Three 2-hour sessions  425 nis

(*22K gold or platinum luster accents may be applied for an extra charge of 85 nis)

Date and time TBD. 

Jewelry Making
For updates send us an email with
"Jewelry Making" in the subject line.