Basics of

For beginners (little or no experience with clay)


Kiyor Studio is a community based creative space for the teaching and practice of ceramics and the arts, with an emphasis on functional art. 

Located in Nachlaot, Jerusalem, we offer hand-building ceramics  and mixed media classes for children and adults. For those who prefer to create with more spontaneity, we have open studio time during which you can drop in and work on clay projects, or paint-your-own ceramics from our selection of hand-made bisqueware.  in a well-equipped space with multiple work stations.


We are happy to supports the (development and nurturing of) the growing conscious community of artists by providing space for their classes, performances, workshops and exhibits in the studio and gallery.     


Sunday & Wednesday 1:00 -7:00 pm

Monday 9:30 - 5:30 
Tuesday and Thursday evenings
5:00- 11:00pm 
Fridays by appointment


Weekly 3 Hour Class

₪625 / month x 5 months 

includes clay, glaze, and firings

Kids  After School Chug

₪575 for a 6-class cartesia 


Open Studio Time

₪65 / hour or 
₪600 for a 10 hour cartesia



₪1100 per month
Full access with key

Paint Your Own Ceramics

₪30 + the cost of your chosen piece


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Oh, the possibilities!

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Family Fun
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Lessons for Life from a Lump of Clay
Kids' Classes
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Alternate Name, Meta clay, Lessons for Life from a Lump of Functional art and mindfulness. , 


I'm a Design, create and take home your own unique piece of functional art. 

This monthly event offers a a relaxed and nurturing environment for the busy, holy ladies of Nachlaot to recharge their
batteries and nourish their senses with an effortless evening of delights for the heart, mind and soul.


It begins with a shot of learning and sharing about the energy of month ahead, followed by a fabulous project in clay to express the message of the month in your own unique way.
Come connect with the sistas, breathe, move to the music, put your hands in the clay, make something beautiful,
make a l'chaim!


Monthly, Tuesday evenings 

preceding Rosh Chodesh

8:00 to 10 pm

₪?? includes all materials and refreshments.


Celebrate Rosh Chodesh, and renew yourself with connection, cabernet and clay!

The studio can be booked for private birthday parties, kallah parties, wedding present parties or family clay


Whether you work on a group project, or individually, everyone loves a pottery party! Choose from a large selection of functional and decorative bisque-ware to paint and glaze. Each piece is hand-built by us from
the finest clay just waiting for you to add your creativity and imagination to it. Everyone is sure to have a blast
creating a unique piece of functional art as they celebrate together.

90 shekel per person for 1.5 hours or
110 shekel per person for 2 hours
Minimum of 8 peopled. By appointment


Clay together with friends and family!

This is functional art at its best. Enjoy creating and using your own unique piece of useable art as you celebrate Jewish life. Your menorah, seder plate, kiddush cup or set of candlesticks is not only useful, it is a treasured piece of original art with which you can enhance your home all year long.  

Date and time TBD. 


Celebrate Rosh Chodesh, and renew yourself with connection, cabernet and clay!

The studio is a place where artists and creatives of all kinds can host a workshop, exhibit, performance or meeting.  Get in touch with me if your looking for a place for your event. 


"Great quote about the creative community."

Create porcelain necklaces, rings, earings or pins. Decorate with glaze, engobes, beadsd and crystals. 

22k gold or platinum accents and mother of pearl overglaze are available for an extra fee. 

Date and time TBD. 



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"Great quote about the creative community."