Kiyor Studio is a community based creative space for the teaching and practice of ceramics and the arts, with an emphasis on functional art. Located in charming Nachlaot, Jerusalem, we offer hand-building ceramics and mixed media classes for children and adults. 



Disconnect. De-stress. Make a mess.

Friends' Clay Day Your Way!

aka Best Day Ever!

Get together at your friendly neighborhood ceramic studio with two, three, four, or more!

Play with clay!

• Play with Clay. • Have some fun, • Laugh

• Put on some music, have some tea, make some functional art* 

*yes, even if you don't think you are creative, believe me you are. 



includes all materials, 

glazes, and firings

₪360 per couple |  ₪525 group of 3 

+ ₪125 each additional person

Max group size is 12 people


Whatsapp/Call 052 449 5858 



Kiyor Studio is a place where you can learn and practice the art of ceramics in our many studio offerings, including group classes, private lessons, workshops or open studio time. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced ceramicist, Kiyor Studio is a relaxed and friendly space to experience clay and make beautiful things for everyday life.

Ceramics class meets farbrengen!

Bring home the functional art you make. . . and so much more!

Tuesday mornings 

10:00 am -1:00 pm​

₪ 625 x 4 months (18 classes)

10 class cartesia ₪1500

5 class cartesia ₪850

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Enjoy the amazing and therapeutic benefits of creating in clay as we experience powerful and practical spiritual lessons and chassidic insights

manifest within it. 


Hone your hand-building skills, and explore exciting techniques for glazing and surface decoration as you create your own unique functional art. 
Students work their own independent projects, with assistance and instruction as needed.


Depending on your preference or mood, you may quietly by yourself, or enjoy the company and collaboration of your claymates. The studio has multiple work tables, to allow for both work styles.


Women's Weekly Clay-Brengen

All levels welcome.  No experience necessary.
Kids get so much enjoyment and benefit when they disconnect 
from screens, and engage their own creativity and ingenuity

This chug is for kids age 8 and older

Thursdays 4:30 - 6:15 

₪345 x 4 months (18 classes)

10-class cartesia ₪825

5 -class cartesia ₪450

In this chug kids are encouraged to explore their creativity freely, to make their own design decisions, including mistakes, as part of their creative process and personal development. Once children learn to express and execute their personal vision in clay, they become empowered in ways that go far beyond the walls of the studio.


Students learn the basic skills for building in clay including slab, coil, and pinch, as well as surface decoration and glazing.  When their functional art creations are used at home it boosts their self confidence and reinforces their willingness to trust their artistic sensibilities.

Working in clay is an organic exercise in mindfulness that pays benefits in school and at home. Teachers and parents report seeing positive changes in their mood and behavior when their children participate in this chug,

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Clay for Kids

Work in clay your own way, at your own pace, in your happy place

We don't have

a wheel yet, but

we're working on it. 

Open studio time is available to those with some experience who can work more or less independently.

₪ 65 per hour
5-hour cartesia ₪300    
10-hour cartesia ₪575


Tuesdays 10 am - 6 pm

Thursdays 10 am - 3 pm

or by appointment

For information,

to book studio time,

or to reserve the wheel 

Whatsapp/Call 052 449 5858

Open Studio Time

Want to do your own thing but have no place to do it?  Clay aficionados and artists of all kinds can work and play in this well lit, well-organized and well-appointed studio in a welcoming and creative atmosphere.

For more information

or to book studio time

whatsapp/call 052 449 5858

Studio Membership

For those who just cannot get enough time in the studio (you know who you are).

Our monthly membership program includes access to bright, well-equipped studio with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Anyone with sufficient experience to work independently may join as a member. 

       Membership includes

  • Up to 40 hours of studio time per month 
    during studio open hours
    (Sun- Thurs 9:30 am - 6 pm)

  • Low fire clay, engobes and house glazes

  • Use of the wheel 

  • Use of equipment, tools, brushes,
    molds, texturizers, etc.

  • Firings are 18nis per kilo



per month  or   

₪ 975 per month

with 6 month contract

and dated checks

For more information

Whatsapp/call 052 449 5858




Studio Membership

Elevate your table with functional art

Workshops are designed to focus hands-on instruction for creating a particular project,

or learning a specific technique in depth.  Enjoy the mindfulness of creating in clay,

and take home your own unique piece of functional art!

This is functional art at its best. Enjoy creating and using your own unique piece of useable art as you celebrate Jewish life. Your menorah, seder plate, kiddush cup or set of candlesticks is not only useful, it is a treasured piece of original art with which you can enhance your home all year long.  

Tasteful Teapots

Teapots aren't the easiest thing to make, but it is a particularly delightful project to design and create!  In this workshop we'll be using traditional hand-building techniques such as coil and pinch to build an original piece of functional art that will elevate teatime to a treasured ritual. 

2 sessions (2 hours each)  for building

1 session (1.5 hours) for glazing 

390 nis

Stunning Seder Plates
The seder plate is a particularly meaningful use of functional art because we use it to celebrate our freedom from slavery and our journey to becoming a nation. 

In this workshop, we will inspire ourselves and each other with what it really means to be free, and the sheer magnitude of and gratitude for Hashem's great kindness in freeing us from slavery. 

2 sessions (2.5 hours each)

350 nis

Surprising Sgraffito

Learn to layer colored slips and carve with a variety of tools to create stunning surface decoration, including texturizing clay with things like lace, burlap, botanicals, or just about anything you can think of.

Students will use their decorated clay to make a piece of tableware, such as a bowl, platter, or plate.

One  3-hour session

175 nis

Prices include all materials, glazes and firings

To Register Whatsapp/Call 052 449 5858 

Dates and times TBD. For scheduling updates and information about future workshops, please send us an email with "Workshops" in the subject line to or whatsapp/call 052 449 5858

Ideas for future workshops. (Have a suggestion? I'm listening. )
Sometimes its all black & white
Clay as Canvas
It's about time
Wine, Women, Song & Ceramics
Connect with and celebrate the energy of the new month
Rosh Chodesh is a special time for women, as Hashem gave it as a special gift to us. This evening is a wonderful opportunity to renew ourselves mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Oh yea, and have some fun!

This monthly event offers a relaxed and nurturing environment for us gals to recharge our batteries and nourish our senses with an extraordinary evening of delights for the heart, mind and soul.

It begins with a shot of learning and sharing about the energy of the month ahead, followed by a creativity in clay functional art project.  Come connect, breathe, move to the music, put your hands in the clay, make something beautiful, make a l'chaim! 

Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan

Thurs. November 28

7:30 to 10 pm


175 nis includes all materials, glaze and firings,
as well as wine and refreshments.

RSVP: Whatsapp/Call 052 449 5858

Plan a birthday party, clay date, family fun day, or special event!
Creating together is a wonderful way to celebrate any occasion.



  Family Fun                        Workshop

Clay Date

Bat Mitzvah Party

Group Painting Party

For details, bookings and pricing 

Whatsapp/Call 052 449 5858

Parties, Dates & Group Events

Birthday Parties

Paint Your Own Pottery
This is not your grandmother's paint-your-own pottery 
Our paint-your-own pottery is unique because each piece is one-of-a-kind, carefully handcrafted in organic lines from a variety of the finest clays. Bisqueware is available in a choice of low fire and food-safe clays such as  porcelain, grey, beige, white, cream, with speckles, smooth and textured. You can use undergalzes and engobles to paint your chosen piece or dip in our house glazes. 


When you add your creativity, what emerges from the kiln is truly art in form and function. 

Make our masterpiece your masterpiece

When you bring your design and creativity to a Kiyor piece you are truly creating a one-of-a-kind work of ceramic art that is extraordinary.

Choose a piece of handmade ceramic bisqueware and make it yours! We have a selection of both functional and decorative items in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles including Judaica, tableware, jewelry, tiles and more

Book a time to come paint!


Sun. - Thurs. between

9:30 am and 7:30 pm

Perfect for kids 3 and up. 

₪30  + the price of the piece you choose. 

Prices include all materials and firings. 

Take as much time as you want.



and price list


Book your session today!

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